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Cleaner Scrape

The city sewer is inhabited by horrible monsters. Bob is the only one - the bravest lion-hearted
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25 June 2007

Cleaner Scrape 2.0 review

    Cleaner Scrape, this thrill packed addictive action game will challenges your reflexes and skill.
    Get along with this challenging game where you have the role of Bob the locksmith to get rid of the deadly monsters that have inhabited the sewer. Deadly creatures and monsters have inhabited the sewer lines and are causing devastation by breaking the pipes, tearing the wires and terrorizing the local residents. It is your tact and reflexes with which you have to save your world from their attack. Accurate timings and quick reflexes will be of great advantage in this fun filled game. Tackling the monsters with your ability and clearing the sewer would be your priority in this game with colorful graphics and amusing soundtrack. With keyboard and mouse control the game can be played in full screen and window mode.
    The other features of the game are attractive graphics, high-quality sounds, pleasant music, never ending fun, and a sure entertainment to your whole family.

Publisher's description

Once Bob the locksmith got a letter from sewer utilities - he was asked to accomplish a critical and dangerous mission! It turns out that the sewer is inhabited by horrible monsters. They break the pipes, tear the wires, vandalize and scare the locals, moving in the sewer. What can we do without a hero? Help our hero to terminate terrible mutants and save the town! The game Cleaner's Scrape is funny and simple. Colorful graphics and amusing soundtrack won't disappoint you! Play Cleaner's Scrape absolutely for free!

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